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At ArkOmega, we believe the products you use both internally and externally directly affect your health and the health of your skin.  By choosing products with ingredients that are natural, fresh, and chemical free, you will look and feel your best.  We have carefully selected a range of high quality, Australian, natural health care products that are available to you through our shop Farmacy. These include Stiff Sore and Sorry,  Oil of Wild Oregano, Necessity Fixaderm, Herb Valley deodorants and Australia’s Manuka Honey

Our passion led us to develop our own unique, 100% natural herbal skin balm, MyNewSkin.  MyNewSkin is an intensively nourishing and restoring balm made from a unique combination of seven fresh plant extracts in a base of cold pressed Australian olive oil.

MyNewSkin herbs are grown in a chemical free environment and are handpicked and processed on site at our fresh herb farm in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland.  The combination of our unique advanced growing systems with rich, healthy soils and organic fertilisers, ensure a continuous supply of fresh, healthy herbs.

MyNewSkin herbal skin balm can be used to soften and repair dry cracked skin, reduce the appearance of scars and nourish and moisturise healthy skin.   It may also help relieve the itch of eczema or dermatitis and provide a barrier to help protect your skin.