What happens to your skin as you age?

After 25 natural ageing sets in and the appearance and feel of your skin changes. Your body heals and replaces old and damaged cells more slowly.

From 45 onwards your skin starts to thin, in part due to hormonal changes. This thinning makes the skin more fragile and vulnerable to damage from bumps and scrapes and more sensitive to irritation from chemicals and detergents.
Your sebaceous (oil-producing) glands also become less active, making your skin drier. It may crack, flake and become susceptible to inflammation and itching. The simultaneous loss of strength and elasticity makes your skin looser. As the number of blood vessels in your skin also decreases your skin loses its youthful colour and glow. You may well wonder:  

Is there any good news?


Your skin is designed to be healthy. The most important thing for naturally healthy skin is proper nourishment. If you want to improve your health, give your body the right nourishment regularly. If you want to improve your skin, give it the right nourishment regularly too! MyNewSkinUF7 will intensively nourish and restore your skin.