Frequently Asked Questions


+ What’s so different about MyNewSkin?

MyNewSkin is an intensively nourishing and restoring skin health product made from a unique combination of fresh plant extracts. These extracts are derived from herbs that are grown on our specialized Herb ‘Farmacy’ in Queensland Australia.

+ Why do you use fresh plant extracts?

Fresh plant extracts have an unparalleled ability to restore aged and damaged skin. They are also unparalleled in their capacity to provide the necessary nutrients that will continue to keep your face and body looking and feeling healthy.

+ Can I use MyNewSkin on my face?

Yes. For ladies, apply a very small amount under your make up in the morning. Apply again after showering at night. Gently massage into the skin. Many people find that they get fantastic results using MyNewSkin this way.

+ What preservatives do you use?

No chemical preservatives are used. Our unique ingredient combination has a natural preserving effect.

+ Is it for use on all skin types?

Yes but for extra sensitive skin, it’s always wise to patch test on your skin first.

+ Where can I buy MyNewSkin?

MyNewSkin is available online and from selected pharmacies and health stores around Australia. If it is not available in your local store, please ask them to contact us for supply details.