Our Farmacy

All Grown, Picked and Packed on Our Fresh Herb 'Farmacy'

It is well known that fresh, organic foods work from inside the body to promote nourished, healthy skin. The products that you use on the outside can also affect the health of your skin. Choose nourishing skin products with ingredients that are natural, fresh, and chemical free - and your skin will thank you for it!

We use fresh, hand-picked herbs to make our nourishing skin balm- MyNewSkin. All herbs are grown chemical-free then picked and carefully processed on site at our fresh herb farm. We call it our 'Farmacy'. Located in rural South East Queensland, our herb farmacy is managed using the best sustainable agricultural methods. The combination of our unique advanced growing systems with rich healthy soils and organic fertilisers ensures a continuous supply of fresh healthy herbs.

Harvesting of the herbs is done early in the day to ensure only the freshest plants are selected. Each bunch is quickly and carefully taken to our on-site processing centre before any deterioration can occur. After the herbs have been processed they are sealed away from heat, light, oxygen and any possible contaminants. This careful storage ensures minimal nutrient loss and the vital compounds are kept 'alive' to increase their maximum effectiveness. The result: a highly nourishing, 100% natural, newskin health treatment that will help you to look younger and smile at the mirror again.