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Face looks more like 30’s than 50’s

"MyNewSkinUF7 is exactly what it is named. MyNewSkinUF7 has been noticeably beneficial and others have commented on my skin being more soft and glowing. The oils seem to help circulation and give me a healthier “glow”. I do not wish to use anything else now that I’ve been spoiled with good natural, herbal skin care. The beauticians say that my face looks more like 30’s than 50’s. Thank you!"

—  Pauline Metzroth, Drayton QLD


I now get regular comments about the healthy glow of my skin

"I’ve been using MyNewSkinUF7 MyNewSkin for about 18 months and am exceptionally happy with the results. I’ve tried a whole range of different skin products over the years and MyNewSkinUF7 is by far the most effective. The fact that it is 100% natural and has no nasty chemicals is even more reason to love it – as is the very affordable price! I now regularly receive compliments about the ‘healthy glow’ of my skin. This rarely happened before I started using MyNewSkinUF7.

Intermittent pimple problem – gone! Discolourations – gone! Dry, tight skin in the morning – Gone! I use a light covering on my face (under my makeup) and the back of my hands in the morning and a little more at night after my shower, before going to bed. I don’t need to use any other skin health products. So simple, so natural, just wonderful!"

—  Melinda Archer, Upper Flagstone Creek QLD

Old age spots disappeared

"I had a lot of old age spots which have now disappeared and a rash I have had for years has gone. I love MyNewSkinUF7."

—  Rose Laws. One Mile, QLD

Excellent restoring cream

"I have used MyNewSkinUF7 for about 3 months and have found it to be an excellent healing cream for a number of conditions. These being dry aging skin, rashes and dermatitis. It is also perfect as a facial moisturiser. I recommend this product as it truly works and is all natural."

—  Carolyn Moskna, Yamanto QLD

Within 1-2 minutes of application…no more itch!

“For many years I have suffered with Lupus. The medication I am taking causes sun sensitivity to my skin and during the summer months this causes extremely itchy rashes on my arms, face and shoulders. I have tried both over the counter and prescription ointment but have had little or no relief. By chance I visited a chemist in Gatton who was having a demonstration of a product called MyNewSkinUF7. I was willing to try anything that would give me relief. Within 1-2 minutes of application to my arms…no more itch! I have introduced this product to friends and family who also found it great. I am very grateful and only too pleased to back this wonderful product MyNewSkinUF7.”

—  Lynne Batisitc, Gatton, QLD

Within days my skin changed. I looked so much younger

“I have been using MyNewSkinUF7 for just over a month now. I am 56 years old and have always looked after my skin but for some reason my skin became scaly on my face. I was looking for a face cream when I was introduced to MyNewSkinUF7. The price was very cheap and it was herbal. I love using herbal creams. Oh well, within days my skin changed. I looked so much younger. Friends and other people were saying "It's her skin. Look at it. It glows". I felt so good. I rub it into my elbows and my hands. Just a small amount goes a long way. Thank you very much for making such a wonderful product that is natural and affordable. I would be glad to recommend it to all my friends. I will always use your product.”

—  Lorraine Nan, Collingwood Park, QLD

My skin glows with vitality

“For years now I have had a tendency to dry skin and outbreaks of eczema and my skin never seems to be able to get enough moisturizing. As I am a vegan, I also always try to avoid chemically based and synthetic products. Discovering MyNewSkinUF7 has been fantastic. It sure lives up to its goal of “intensively nourishing”. It feels fabulous. My skin just drinks it in and glows with vitality. I love that it is a completely natural product. And it even smells gorgeous. A great product. Thanks.”

—  S.N. Dutton Park, QLD

Scar tissue has reduced considerably

“In June 2010 I had an operation on my foot which would not heal properly. I had tried various other products without success. I started using MyNewSkinUF7 30th August 2011 and within days I noticed a considerable difference. There was a lot of scar tissue as well which has reduced considerably. It has softened the skin and peeled off. I also had a rash that would not go away. This has also healed. I also found it good for mosquito bites.”

—  Myra Thorpe, Miles, QLD



Since launching MyNewSkin in 2011 we've received hundreds of testimonials from people saying how much their skin has improved. Below is a small sample.

My Doctors cannot get over the change in my skin

"I have sensitive and dry skin and having illnesses, am taking a lot of medication with wear and tear on my skin. With using MyNewSkinUF7, my face and neck is soft and glowing. My friends cannot believe it. It's brilliant!. With my illnesses, I am not well most of the time. My doctors cannot get over the change in my skin."

—  Sandra Nielsen, Pittsworth, QLD

More hydrating than coconut oil

“MyNewSkinUF7 is a very good product. I have only ever used natural products on my body and face. The main product I have used for years is organic coconut oil which I have always thought is the best I can give my skin until I tried MyNewSkinUF7. It is more hydrating and I find it has made the few fine lines I had virtually unnoticeable. I have also tried it for four weeks on a quite large surgical scar that I've had for a few years. The scar seems to look a lot better. I will definitely continue to use this product as I do believe it works.”

—  Lesley-Jane Rother, Toowoomba, QLD

Marks are fading and nearly gone

“I have been using MyNewSkinUF7 for a few months. Being in my 60's now I've noticed red marks and a couple of sun spots on my face. To my delight, since using MyNewSkinUF7, these marks and sun spots are fading and nearly gone. Now I'm using MyNewSkinUF7 on scars and marks on my body with remarkable results. It's fantastic and the fresh smell of the herbs is refreshing to the senses. My husband has also started using this product on his face. I would highly recommend MyNewSkinUF7 to anyone who is skin conscious and wanting something successful and completely natural.”

—  Margaret Hauck, Toowoomba, QLD

Soothing on weather worn skin

“I purchased a jar of MyNewSkinUF7 on the recommendation of a person in Terry White Pharmacy late last year. I found it to have a soothing affect on my weather worn skin and it also removed some small sun related spots and reduced the size of some larger ones. I would recommend this product for both these reason and am happy with its results.”

—  John Pierce, Cabarlah, QLD

Rosacea is not itchy and the redness is somewhat reduced…

“I just wanted to say what a great product that MyNewSkinUF7 is. I trialed this product on my face as I have rosacea and have noticed that my skin is not itchy and the redness is somewhat reduced. Also the quality of my skin is much improved and is no longer dry. I also used the product on my feet as I suffered with plantar warts for over 7 years. The you- the warts are almost gone and my soles are in a much better state! Thanks for such a wonderful product.”

—  Kylie Niebling, Silkstone, QLD

Excellent on cracked heels

“I first used MyNewSkinUF7 (Olive and Lavender) a week after I had badly burned my finger. This was a deep burn that continued to weep regardless of what I used. After applying MyNewSkinUF7, the wound closed over within 2 hours and continued to improve rapidly. Within 2 weeks, there was barely a mark to be seen. I have found MyNewSkinUF7 helps dry lips and is excellent on cracked heels with daily use. It leaves hands very soft.”

—  Sue Searle, Oakey, QLD